RTDNF Scholarships Entry Form

The Radio-Television Digital News Foundation was established by the RTDNA in 1978 to offer financial assistance to students in Canada.

This year, eight scholarships will be awarded to Canadian students, bringing the total amount awarded to students by RTDNF Canada to more than $389,000

Important Dates:

STEP 1: Review the Qualifications

STEP 2: Review the List of Scholarships

Please review the List of Scholarships and prepare your application materials.

STEP 3: Start the Online Process

Applying for a scholarship online is a simple process and we recommend you start asap.

Start by selecting the scholarship you wish to apply to. Then add your contact information including your e-mail address.

Once you have submitted the information above, sign into the website to complete your application and upload your media files. You may edit your application (as many times as you want) until the submission deadline to either complete or modify your entry.

Depending on your computer system the email may go to your Spam or Junk inbox. We suggest you add info@submissions.rtdnfcanada.com to your email list.

STEP 4: Review the Technical Guidelines for permissible Media

Before you complete your application as outlined in Step 5 below, we recommend that you review the Technical Guidelines in order to prepare the media file (sound or video) that you are required to upload prior to the submission deadline.

STEP 5: Complete your Scholarship Submission and Upload your Media File

Log in to the submissions site using the e-mail address and password which you registered with. Click the "Begin new submission" button to start a new submission, or click the "Edit" link next to an existing submission. On that web page, you will be asked to answer some questions regarding your scholarship submission as well as a description of your entry. Your submissions can be edited until the submission deadline and you can revisit that web page as many times as you want to either complete or modify your entry.

Finally, you will be asked to upload your media file. Depending on the size of your file, this may take a while. Your uploaded file will be converted to HTML5 video by our system, processing of which will also take some time, but you do not need to remain on the web page during this process. On subsequent visits to this web page, you will be able to review/listen to the file that you have uploaded, and if desired, you may upload a revised file.

Should you have any technical questions during this process please use the Help Button located at the bottom of that web page. This will put you in direct contact with our technical staff, who will be pleased to assist.

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